Getting ready for the road

imageimage image
Eduardo Kessler, our handling agent picked us up right in time. I never have been so much excited. Do we get our truck in one piece, nothing broken, all mirrows etc still on???

At the habour we were driving left-right-left-right…
„Don’t you see your truck?“ Eduardo asked us
THERE!!! A very special moment in our live. And – the MAN is 100% in order!!!
A big thank you to Eduardo who handled all paper work for us so smoothly.

We made friends with Kathy, Markus and Jula (Mami, what is the name of this tall woman?)who cleared their landrover the same time.

Hahaha… This trip will get funny. We get noted on the road 😍! A big truck with elephant and giraffe stickers on the side seems to be quite unusual. And we have a big horn hup-hup

We first need to prepare ourselves, get used to our new home…

The recommended side of Seabridge with Emmanuel Muler is out of question for us. At the end of the day Paraiso Suizo is a good option. Heinz and Silvia are very nice hosts.

The first night…
The first morning…
The first…
We will run through a big learning curve…
Going shopping! I have to get my spanish numbers right soonest.
2 – 20 – 200 – 2000

But now we cannot wait to get on the road. As a last stop in Uruguay we are going to visit Alexandra and Daniel with their kids Tim and Niko, 6 dogs and 3 cats in Nueva Helvecia.

Tomorrow (21.12.14) the adventure is on 😃😃😃

Upsi – I forgot to mention that we have a „blinde Passagier“ on board. A big thank you to Thomas and Anke for the green hippo, giving now the name to our truck, the family photos and the nice words.

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