The first 1600 km

I am getting verbally my first lessons in how to drive a truck. Soon I have to get for the very first time hands on. With my German drivers licence I am allowed to drive vehicles up to 7,5 tons, but never did so in my life.

We crossed border to Argentina in Fray Bentos, which was never as easy as here. Before we even noticed, we had a visa for 3 month and our truck for 8 month.
Hallo Argentina!!!

We are getting very popular 😊. Everybody greats us, giving us way, some people even take photos of us – no of our truck.

Marie, our navi, is trying to test us funnily. While looking for an overnight spot she sends us through narrow roads in the city centre of Gualeguaychu. I have to say, Thomas did a great job!
At the end of the day we stayed behind a filling station as all „big guys“ do. We are now part of them and friendly accepted.

We are about to take a very first big step of 1600 km the next 3 days.
Hupsi, this is a green and swampy country! All along the road fields of mais and soy, sometimes some cattle or sunflower fields. Fotos to follow

4 thoughts

  1. Liebe Kerstin, lieber Thomas
    Wir danken Euch für die guten Wünsche. Weiterhin eine ganz tolle Reise. Geniesst es!!
    Arbeitet Ariane immer noch im Büro?? Bekomme keine Antwort von ihr auf meinen Reisevorschlag?
    Liebe Grüsse wir denken an Euch
    Béatrice und Marcel

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