23.12.12 – Neuquen

image image image

It is a long, long neverending road! One could think, we are in Botswana. Thick bush left and right, the road covered with pot holes…

Wake up! Get prepared for the „Phytrosanitary Barriers“ along the Province borders of Patagonia. They are searching for meat, animal products and fruits. But we have the most perfect place to hide these items deep down under our cupboard.
A „dickpans“ is controlling us… „Can I please have a look inside?“
He went so much impressed by our truck… He even did not check our fridge.

We cannot find a camp site in Neuquen. It is already late. Who in this world is looking for a camp site in the middle of a big city… Stupid!
A the end of the day the police escorted us to a somehow acceptable place…

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