24. & 25.12.14 – Lago Alumine (Parque National Lanin)

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Christmas shopping stress… We still need some groceries for the next couple of days. The watchman at Jumbo supermarket does not let us go. He is quiet nervous about our mountain bikes at the back of our truck. He even asked the security head office to check on our truck. Another visitor said we should put our bikes on the roof… and even gave us some more advices to avoid risks.
At YPF we filled up 435litre of diesel. Its the last WIFI spot for a couple of days. I at least could send some Christmas greetings via whatsapp.

On the road to Lago Alumine. Wow! Now the landscape is getting nice.
16h30!!! Time to look for father Christmas.
But before lets go skiing… Where is the snow?

At 18h00 we eat „Weihnachtskekse“ as a German tradition while still on the road.

Uiiiii… The first little mountain pass with our truck. Test-test

We find a nice spot at Lago Alumine, right at the lake. We are happy and could feel a bit of stress release.

Our 3-course Christmas menu:
Tomato soup
Chicken ala cream with green peppers and rice
Cream con dulce mousse
And a bottle of Trapiche Syrah!

Running out of power… We should know better!!! One can only take out what get charged in.
Luckily I have my Thomas with a lot of technical knowledge who is able to solve the problem!!!!!!!

AND! We get our fresh water tank fixed! The tape wasn’t closed propperly.

Our hippo outed itself to be a Rhino – hahaha, we must have been blond

Thomas got heavy back problems.
We are still quiet stressed…

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