26. – 28.12.14 – Lago Rucachoroi (Parque National Lanin)

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Lets go, let’s get a move…
We are now able again to fill up our fresh water resources (about 400 litres)

According to Ralf Ganzhorn travel guide „Patagonien und Feuerland Wanderfuehrer“ there is a nice spot at Lago Rucachoroi where we can do some hiking. It is not a big hike but easy to do.

We only have to drive for about 100km. BUT the last 3 km have been quiet challenging for us. The road gets steeper and steeper and our truck is struggling. We are only at about 1200m.!?
A small car is coming from the front. We have to go backwards – the breaks do not have enough pressure… Puhhhhh

Recalling the problem when we finally reached the camp site – there is a button to switch on the 4×4.

This is a nice camping spot! Time to relax.
Slowly by slowly all things finding its final place in our truck. Yeah! We are getting kind of organized.
Thomas back is getting better, he is now busy every day with his exercises.

The hike to Laguna Verde is exhausting. It is very hot and the tabanos (similar to our horse flies) are all over us. We have to cross a river and climb 500m through a nice Araukarien forest (Chiletannen) to reach the lake. After about 4 hours we are back at our truck. This was a good one.

What a pleasure. I am testing our „in-house“ shower for the very first time. The water is hot-hot due to our diesel powered geyser. This is a real treat!

We went on a little mountain bike excursion to test our new bikes. This was an easy ride.

Am Ende des Tages haben wir die Flasche „HEHLENTINER BÜRGERMEISTERTROPFEN“ von Anke und Thomas standesgemäss geöffnet. Was für ein guter Tropfen aus meiner Heimat! Gebrannt nach bewährtem Hausrezept des „Celler Tores“ aus 38%igem Weizenkorn mit Zutaten aus der Heide. Auf der Zunge entfaltet er eine honige Süsse während die Nasenwege durch Minze bis in die Stirnhöhle hinein freier werden.
Eine tolle Überraschung!!!

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