29.12.14 – Lago Huechulafquen (Parque National Lanin)

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4×4 functioning!
After 3 days at Lago Rucachoroi we are moving further South.

Our truck is „quadratisch, praktisch, gut“. It should not be any bigger or higher! We have a lot of space inside, BUT! have to organize ourselves not to run crazy.

Our Rhino has a lot of fun. Turning upside – down / left to right… I believe we need to fasten seatbelt.

Wow!!! We can catch a view of Vulcano Lanin (3776m).
The first impression of Lago Huechulafquen (still Parque Nacional Lanin) is phantastic! Die Fahrt runter zum See ist wie ein Eintauchen in eine andere Welt. The weather conditions are quiet mystique as well!

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