31.12.14 – 02.01.15 – Villa la Angostura (Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes)

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It is raining since yesterday! We only had 13 degrees inside our truck this morning. What is this story about snow? The mountains are even covered with fresh snow on top…

We were playing „Mensch ärgere dich nicht – das Kartenspiel“ last night – und haben dabei an Dich, MEINE MAMA gedacht, wie du schon mal schummelst beim Kartenspielen… Weisst du noch?

„Be careful with trucks crossing the border to Chile!“ Thomas just said this… Here we go… A truck is lying flat on his side… The police is going to stop us… Wow… But we did not have to wait for long… They easily tow, with a grader, the truck back upwards!

The final farewell for this year we celebrated with our neighbors at the camp site. They even managed to communicate with us.

Felizé Año – Happy New Year – Prost Neujahr

…with the most beautiful weather… it is blue sky, sunny, nicely warm and no wind!

Time for maintenance…

To reach the southern tip of Peninsula Quetrihué we took the catamaran. The 13km long hiking / mountain biking trail leads us through huge arrayán forest. Watch out for the 110 steps to get downhill!!! We had to carry our bikes…
This was a phantastic trip!!!!!!!

One thought

  1. Hallo Kerstin, hallo Thomas,
    wir freuen uns immer sehr über die Fotos des „blinden Passagiers“. Sehr nett !
    Lieben Grüß und Drücki vom kleinen Bruder mit Frau Anke

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