05.& 06.01.15 Pampa Linda (Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi)

We have our peace of mind. A small wire was already stitching out on the inside. So much for tyre!

My knee was much painful last night. I am struggling for quite some time now. It happened while going steep downhill from Lago Verde. After taking a pain killer and applying some Voltaren I felt much better.

The 27 km gravel road to Pampa Linda puts much pressure on Thomas. Too many pot holes! On specific times of the day it can only be used in certain directions.
Our reward is the most beautiful view to Cerro Tronador (3478m). The name means „der Donnernde – the thunderous“

Today we took our bikes to ride the 7km up to Glacier Negro. What a phantastic spot! We met
Phuc, Gisela and Geraldine from Buenos Aires and had some fun with them.
While leaving onwards to the base of Cerro Tronador (one more kilometer) the glacier demonstrated its „thunder power“

Navdeep Jassal (jassalnavdeep@yahoo.com) and Alvin Pleil (alvin.pleil@gmail.com) from California also have some great travel plans. Nice chatting to you guys.

We are having a Quilmes Stout (cerveza negra) with a slight taste of chocolate and coffee…
„Now he knows…“ Thomas said „why I always love this dark beer…“ But my favorite is still Guinness!!!

10 thoughts

  1. Thomas y Kerstin. Hola!!! Cómo andan? Estamos muy contentos por todo lo que están disfrutando en nuestro país! Les mandamos un abrazo grande!! Felicitaciones por la aventura que están viviendo!! Cynthia y Mauro de Neuquén (Do you remember El Peñón?).

  2. Thomas y Kerstin Hola! Como andan? Felicitaciones por la aventura que están viviendo en nuestro país! Les mandamos un abrazo bien grande! Cynthia y Mauro de Neuquén (Do you remember El Peñón?)

  3. Hola! Felicitaciones por la aventura que están viviendo! Un abrazo grande! Cynthia y Mauro de Neuquén (Do you remember El Peñón?)

    1. Dear Mauro, dear Cynthia.
      Yes! We do remember our good time up North. We arrived in Neuquen late on 23.12. and got stuck to find a camp site. At the end the police assisted us. We have been affraid to contact you on 24th December. Everybody was so busy shopping.
      We hope you had wonderful holidays. You can see on our blog we are doing great!
      We so much love Argentina!!!
      A big hug from Kerstin and Thomas

  4. Seit 16 Tagen nichts mehr auf Eurem blog gelesen … ist hoffentlich alles iO, auch mit dem Reifen? Hier ist’s heiß und (immer noch) trocken. Gutes Gelingen! B

      1. irgendetwas hindert meinen Text rauszugehen. You are The Rose, Kerstin! Ich verfolge eure mutige Reise mit gr. Begeisterung, eine unwirkliche, faszinierende Welt die Ihr Euch zu Fuß, per Rad gründlich zu erobern scheint Hier noch immer heiß u trocken. Nä. Woche verreisen wir mit Hund 15 Tg. nach Swakopmund. Bleibt gesund – big hug to both of you! B

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