09. & 10.01.15 Ruta 40 Sur

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Thomas thinks „Es ist nettes Wetter heute“! We looked at each other and started heavily laughing.

Most of the YPF filling stations are good WIFI spots and always for free! Nice, because it takes some time to fill up our tanks and we can connect to the world in the meantime.

With all this mountain passes and a lot of 4*4 driving our truck has used in average 25 litres per 100km. Not too bad! And it is hardly using any oil, which means the engine is still in good shape.

Between Esquel and Rio Mayo (a little village along Ruta 40) are some 480 remote kilometers of desert like flat landscape (similar to the Karoo). It is said, here you can find more sheep then gauchos… The travel guide says – and a lot of oil workers.!?

Endlessness – I love it!!!

Good morning Ruta 40 – the wind is heavily blowing… The max possible speed on a brand new tar road is 58 km/h in third gear.

We have another 480km before we reach our next destination of Lago Burmeister at Parque Nacional Perito Moreno.

Der Wind zieht und zerrt heftig an unserem truck! He can blow with up to 160km/h!!!

Ach, wir Süssmäuler… We have to stop on route in the village of Perito Moreno to buy some chocolate.

Bajo Caracoles lies in the middle of nowhere but is a very important place, you can travel from here in all four directions! Endless plains and suddenly a filling station inclusive a hotel, shop and a camp site.. Only (!) 410km to the next station…

Huch, some Guanakos along the road. Not much animals to be seen at all.

The weather on the turn off to P.N. Perito Moreno is not very promising!
Snow??? We are still in shorts! I wonder how cold it is outside???
Just checking at 22h37: 2,3 degrees! Hehehe… we changed clothing at 20h30 and the heating system is on. Good night sweetie.

We are not allowed to camp at Lago Burmeister because of heavy rains. The alternative place is at Estancia El Rincón.

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