11.01. – 15.01.15 Estancia El Rincon (Parque Nacional Perito Moreno)

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This is a wild place! Blown away by the wind, massive snow covered mountains, aquamarine and kobaldblue lakes…
With only about 1500 visitors per year (closed between May and August) an absolute remote location.

Shake it baby! Eine heftige Windböe hat letzte Nacht unser Auto erschüttert!
Rain is changing with heavy storms. We are taking the day off. It is anyway Sunday.

At 18h00 the sun burns some clouds away. Lets quickly get out!!! We have all weather conditions at the same time!!! This IS really wild!

At midnight the sky is absolutely clear, high above us the stars of Orion! Lets hope for tomorrow.

Again, we are the lucky ones… The sun has burned all clouds away. But it is windy and only 7 degrees.

Lets go on an easy, straight forward, hike to the mirador of Lago Vulcán nicely surrounded by snow covered mountains. After 4,5 hours we are back and reward ourselves with a hot chocolate and some „Scheinsohren“ (pig ears). Lecker!!!

Maintenance on its way… Our sink is blocked. We experienced a fat lump in the pipe, difficult to get out. Problem not solved.

It is a beautiful day. Lets rather try our bikes in the wind…

I baked my first bread in my super cool „Omnia“ camping bake oven (invented in Sweden).

Hmmm, lecker breakfast with freshly brewed coffee and homemade bread…

The weather is getting better and better day by day! All clouds get blown away the the southerly wind.

For today the park guards recommended the hike to Cerro León (1470m). The trail takes us 600m up to the peak. WOW!!! What a stunning view down to Lago Belgrano and Lago Volcán!!! Amazing!!! The name of the mountain means „Puma“. What we found was a „pink Panther“ – hehehe…

Lucky me, I get my tooth infection under control. After four days no more pain. Puhhhh… Do not want to see a dentist…

6 days without a shower is no problem at all. Just my head is starting to complain and get some immediate release.

The Weather is not looking promising in the evening…

This morning the sky showed up in all facets of grey, slightly intruded by some bluish spots. It is windy and quite warm with 15 degrees.

I got my first driving lesson!!!!!!!!!

Bingo! I have to hold on the truck not to be blown away while checking the wind direction at Lago Belgrano. No hiking or biking for today.
The Patagonian wind is playing games with us.
Der Wind peitscht schier über die Lagune.
At Laguna Mier we could only view very limited amounts of flamingos.
With sunlight the colors of Laguna Belgrano changing nicely.

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