16.01. – 19.01.15 El Chalten (Parque Nacionales Los Glaciares)

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After seven wonderful tranquil days at P.N. Perito Moreno we are on the road again still further South in the direction of El Chaltén (Mount Fritz Roy)

Back to the tar road- back to civilization… So sad…

Uhhhh… Ruta 40 under construction for the next 72km along Lago Cardiel. Hopefully the following generation will have more fun…
It looks promising…
…it is promising!!!

There he is!!! The majestic „Mount Fitz Roy“.
11/12 years ago we have been here too. That time the access road was still made of gravel.
El Chaltén is full of tourists (it is still holiday season in Argentina until end of February)… Somehow horrible but we just want to shower after 8 days and fill up our resources!

Hey!!!! What a pleasure! We met Karti, Markus and Jula again. They are still running problems with their Landy, but make the best out of it. Leaving their car behind at Playa Blanca for repair they are now travelling by bus…
Och… I should have taken a photo of them…

Weather forecast for today and tomorrow: it is starting to rain at midday all the way through until tomorrow midday. Sunshine can be expected Sunday afternoon, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday… For now – all correct.
The thunder came from the Windhoek office… After nearly a week we have been able to get in touch via whatsapp.! The system is very slow and unreliable…

In El Chaltén the butcher is freshly cutting the meat per order!

One diesel tank is empty by surprise. We thought the tank has 200 litres, by measuring it came out with 140 litres!

I could not get asleep…

The morning showed up with bright sunshine! What’s better than a short walk up the Lago Huemul with a stunning view to the Glacier Huemul! In far reach we could catch an amazing view to the Matterhorn of South America „Mount Fritz Roy“

Back to camp our neighbors Ariel / Luciana / Valeria and two year old daughter Simona (from El Chalafate) invited us to a typical „asado“ = braai. A big thank you!!! It was great talking to you!

The nice view onto Lago del Desierto should not be missed.

Tonight I try to bake a calzone in my Omnia bake oven.
LECKER!!!! I did not expect it to be such easy!

Our goal for today is the hike up to Lago de los Tres at the base of Cerro Fritz Roy.
The first two hours from Estancia El Pilar are quite easy walking along Rio Blanca and through nice forest.
At half way the view opens to glacier Pietras Blanca.
By crossing the bridge over Rio Blanca the hard work starts. For 1,5 hours is goes up-up-up. Step by step over uneven rocks we are ascending for 470m. The reward is the most stunning view to Cerro Fritz Roy (3445m), to the left Cerro poincenot (3002m). In front is the Lago de los Tres (1170m)
I am tired but absolutely excited. I did not expect that!!!
Time is flying. We need to get back before darkness. This means descending on the same route…
After in total 8,25 hours we are back at our truck. Ohhhh, what a wonderful day!

The vehicle of Natasha from Moskau and Severin from Passau does not want to start. We quickly assist them.

Good night muscles – sleep well

2 thoughts

  1. Hallo Kerstin, hallo Thomas, obwohl ihr ganz im Süden seid, haben wir letzte Woche bei unserem Boots- Trip von Grenada nach Martinique zu Euch geschaut und an Euch gedacht ! Wir haben auch gewunken. Das habt Ihr bestimmt gesehen !
    Weiterhin eine schöne Fahrt wünschen Euch Anke und Thomas 🙂

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