23.01.15 – 25.01.15 Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

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Endless pampa along our way…

We have nicely prepared ourselves this morning for the border crossing into Chile. One can catch all different types of stories from A-Z what is going to happen. It’s about the intensity how strict they are searching for animal products, fruits, veggies, seeds… They are even make use of dogs! And sometimes turn the whole car upside down…

The shortcut between El Cerrito and Tapi Eike safes us 170km, but this 70km stretch is not in good shape at all.
The rivers here have interesting shortcuted names like „Chllo. De Bcas. Blanco“

Today is the day of the „Sumpfdotterblume“ – hehehe – the direct English translation should come out as „swamp egg yolk flower“

We finally crossed into Chile at the small border post of Rio Don Guillermo. They took our green salad, onions, carrots and apple and offered me to just finish all this. No interest shown at all in our cheese, cold meat, yogurt, milk, seeds…

Last night we have been watched by the „Milodón“, a mega huge Faultier. For the other visitors we have been more the attraction.

It is unbelievable where and how Chilenians build their roads…

A short walk takes us to Lago Grey with a nice view to Glacier Grey on the opposite side.

Here in this park all types of motorhomes can overnight FOC next to the park ranger stations.

Lovely meeting you Howard Sonenklar, Julia Pessis and daughter Noa (Portugal) again!
Www.piracanga.com (brasil bahia)

This morning is not mine!

On our scenic drive to Laguna Azul we passed by Salto Grande and did an two hours hike to the Mirador Cuernos.
Torres del Paine shows up with stunning light in the evening.

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