28.01.15 – 30.01.15 Lago Blanco

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While having breakfast we watched a bunch of Guanako youngsters playing. So funny! „How do we manage to get over this fence?“

On our way to Lago Blanco (next to Parque Nacional Karukinka) we stopped at Parque Pingüino Rey to see the small colony of King Pinguins (Königspinguine).

Bad road – bad mood!

Getting more inland and away from the Magallanes Street the landscape is massively changing. It looks like in Ireland here.
Big herds of sheeps – and I will NOT count them…
What a pitty. They did and still do a lot of logging (Abholzung) here.

We have to do some routine maintenance on our truck, ie the tank for the clutch hydraulic oil is also empty.

A big xxl hug to Thomas and Anke, who assisted us all the way from the beginning!!! I just finished your Hehlentiner Bürgermeistertropfen. Soooooo lecker. Love the family photos! The green Rhino is enjoying itself!!!

Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen………. Thomas mit der Filmkamera unterwegs……

Blaumann and Waschweib in action.

A successful day! All maintenance done. We even managed to open our kitchen sink sewage pipe by using the drilling machine and a strong wire.
For long time we didn’t have 20 degrees outside! Cannot wait for some „Katzenwäsche“ and a hair wash.

We weather is always coming from West, check on the trees for direction!

Thomas is doing general house keeping.
Here I like to cut Thomas hair, it’s an awesome hair and barbershop with the most stunning view! For the First time ever Thomas is cutting my hair, hehehe…

The mountain is calling Thomas. A Guanako is shouting at him but could not stop him.

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