10.02.15 -12.02.15 Beagle Canal (Estancia Haberton)

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The Municipality camp site is next to the Tren del Fin Del Mundo station.
It is cold outside and a bit rainy. We take it slow this morning.
What we did not know, the first trains are leaving already at 08h30.
A lot of busses arriving with many tourists.
As usual we are the attraction…
(Hehehe – luckily they could not see inside…)

Thomas had to show his drivers license and the vehicle papers for the first time at a police stop just outside of Ushuaia.

Look at the trees!!!

There must be a camp site right at the Beagle Canal at Estancia Haberton. The girl at the entrance does not know at all…

Here at the Beagle Canal we have reached in this moment by road our most southerly point!!
This is definitely one of my favorite sites!!!

Thomas gets funny in the evening.
Kinderbelustigungsprogramm: Papa will seine Schuhe anziehen, hat sie aber schon an…

A relaxing day with lots of reading, playing Scrabble Dash, hot chocolate and Schweinsohren.

„Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett!“

Estancia Haberton has a long standing history. As the oldest estancia on the Argentinien side of Tierra del Fuego (since 1886) the farm was declared a national monument in 1999. The historic tour and the old buildings are quite interesting.
The Museo Acatushún de Aves y Mamiferos Marinos Australes (by Natalie Goodall) is definitive a must see.

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