21.02.15 Puerto San Julián

image image image image image
Sunshine!!! I am wearing just a T-Shirt for the first time since weeks.

A last goodbye to Monte León Bird Island at medium tide. Unbelievable – down there we have been walking yesterday.
We still hope to see a Puma. They seem to be quite popular here. Specially this time of the year when all young pinguins still cannot swim in the ice cold waters. But this is going to happen soon.

A replica of the „Victoria“, one of Magallanes ships, is exhibited at Puerto San Julián. Only 14 out of 285 sailors (on 4 ships) returned back home to Portugal on the Original boat.
The 4 revolting captains, who did not want to go further lost their life here: 3 being killed by order of Magallan, 1 was left behind, most properly the worst penalty.

Taking a shower in a nicely heated bathroom can be such a pleasure!!!

All luck on earth to Nadine and Louis!!!

We are playing „Drecksau“ in the evening, a quiet funny Kartenspiel.

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