22.02.15 – 24.02.15 Rio Deseado – Parque Marino Isla Pingüino

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The weather forecast looks perfect for the next couple of days. Maybe we could even wear shorts??? The last time we did it started snowing…

At Tres Cerros, in the middle of nowhere, is a filling station with good wifi reception. But nobody seems to be at home this Sunday.
The Ruta 47 is somehow tarred in bits and pieces. But we are not allowed to drive on the new sections.
The landscape shows up top flat or mountainous. But the road is in horrible condition.
This little nothing is Rio Deseado???
Ups – there is a car coming…

The police officers at the checkpoint shortly before we reach Rio Deseado are very much interested in the giraffes on our truck. They took their time and asked for both of our passports, vehicle documents and customs paper.

Wow!!! Look at the variety of sweet things at the Panaderia Santa Cruz. Uhhhh… LECKER.

We have to wait until tomorrow for the boat excursion to Parque Marino Isla Pingüino to see the Rock Pinguins, who really look like punks.
A good reason to do some laundry, update the blog, whatsapp, routine truck maintenance, bake some bread, needle work, taking a shower (what a luxury, having two in three days!), invite our neighbors for a glass of wine…

We welcome our first official guests:
Gary and Joan Conlan from New Zealand living in Australia and driving a car from Namibia.

Its an early wake up at 06h30. We have to be at Darwin Expeditions by 08h00 for the day outing to Parque Marino Isla Pingüino.
The boat ride takes about 45 minutes.
We have a short stop at one of the sea lion colonies.
While walking around the island we could see Magallan and Rock Pinguins. The colony consists of 10,000 breading pairs. In December, when all chicks are out, there are almost up to 40,000 pinguins.
But most of the youngsters are already in the water and the adults are now on their 21 days feathers changing circle ( Mauser) which they have to go through once a year to be prepared for the long swim up North by the end of March.
Rock Pinguins are endemic to this Island and some parts of New Zealand.
We finished our walk by visiting an „old age home“ for male sea loins where also the male youngsters have to wait until they matured.

There are some nice camping spots along the Ruta Costera just out of Rio Deseado. We found one with a good view for the sun downer.

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