26.02.15 – 28.02.15 Cabo dos Bahias – Reserva Natural Cabo dos Bahias

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…the world feels quite different – just overnight…
It is 8h00 and we have 23 degrees outside!

Strength, all camp sites have different shower opening hours.!?
At the Municipality place in Rada Tilly its 9-11 am / pm.

The refilling of gas is a highly secured process in Argentina.
But it is very cheap – an 11 kg bottle costs just 26 Argentina Peso (26 N$!)
They could not refill our German bottle because something broke of at the adapter.
Luckily we have a spare bottle which is still full.
For next time we should get all sorts of gas adapter types to make the process a bit easier.

On our way out of town we passed by the same supermarket as yesterday but on a much easier route.

There is too much truck traffic on Ruta 3. Luckily we can turn off to Ruta 28 and later to Ruta 1.
Luckily??? It much depends on the road condition, Thomas says.

Along the coastline of Bahia Camarones are stunning and very remote camping opportunities. Most properly the very last ones for us on this trip.
We enjoy the calmness, the stunning weather and the rowing ocean.

Hey Ines! Miss Rose hair studio on wheels just passed by… Hehehe

Brrrrr… The filter coffee you can buy in Argentina is mixed with 10% of sugar. It seems to be the same with tea. Next time I know my calculations and bring enough coffee along (500 gr per 3 weeks)


As the wind is very calm this afternoon we can take our bikes to get to the Reserva Natural Cabo dos Bahias. Between September and March this is the home of about 9000 breading pairs of Magallan Piguins.
At the end of the breading season they migrate over 6000 km from the Patagonian coast up to Brasil.
Pinguins swim as far as 600 km away from their nests to obtain food for their chicks. An average dive goes down about 12 m and last one minute.

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  1. I hope you gave Ms Rose a good tip, hihi! Thanks for all the writing, I really enjoyed reading it. So funny and interesting, and obviously, beautiful photographs!

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