05.03.15 & 06.03.15 Peninsula Valdés

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I get up early to see the sunrise at 07h02.
A quiet funny situation. From westerly direction comes thunder, lightning and dark clouds. Hehehe – after taken some photos I am back in bed to wait until the rain has stopped.

At 10h44 we pass our 10.000 km mark in the middle of the Patagonian Pampa!

At Peninsula Valdés we hope to see the orcas doing their amazing hunting technique called the „intentional stranding“. This consists in pouncing on the gravel shore, using the sea waves to hide. After catching the prey out of the water the orcas return back to sea shaking their huge massive body…
Orcas are, with a body weight of 5-6 tons, the largest of all dolphins. Their skull weights about 20 kg! Males can reach up to 9,50m

Ich – der „ich auch“… Schokolade, Whiskey…

We get from Punta Pardelas quite early on the road to be in time for the high tide at Caleta Valdés.
The pinguins and seals start to leave their breading colonies around middle of March. That is actually the best time to see the orcas in action.

Ingrid & Franz Rank are on tour for nearly two years.
They met Alex and his Vespa in Alaska. It seems that a photo of our truck is on his blog.
We had a very nice relaxed chat. Hey! Didn’t we want to see orcas?
At Punta Norte we meet again. This is definitive the better spot to watch for orcas.
Blog: http://www.expedition-truck.com

Our overnight spot last night at Punta Pardelas was much better than we one here at Playa Villarino.

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