09.03.15 Monte Hermoso (Bahia Blanca)

image image image image image
By crossing the bridge over Rio Negro we officially left Patagonia.
Back to agricultural farmlands.

That are onions! Oranges do not grow in soil! What???

Three month ago I wondered, all roads were leading to Bahia Blanca.
Today I cannot see anything special.

We should have taken one Peso from everybody taken a photo from our truck or wanted to have a look inside… hehehe…. We are still the attraction!

End of season!!!! We are hardly looking for a shower. But all three or four camp sites are closed…….
First we ended up totally frustrated at the filling station at Monte Hermoso.
No no no…
Let’s go and find a nice overnight spot at the beach.

Wow! Never experienced that! The town is placed in such a way that one can see sunset and sunrise over the ocean.

It is now officially.
Our Rhino and Truck have names!

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