11.03.15 Shell Service Station shortly before Gualeguaychú

image image image image image
500 km to the border of Uruguay, our goal for today.
And tomorrow another 250 km to Alexandra and Daniel.

With us on the road in 30 minutes:
100 trucks
75 vehicles
2 busses

Already the second speed control.
But with an average speed of about 70 km/h we do not have to worry at all.

At the Aca/YPF filling station close to San Miguel del Monte we meet Jean and Derek Garrett from Cordoba. They are in the area for a cattle auction.

We pass our 12.000 km mark 70 km before Buenos Aires.

At Cañuelas we leave Ruta 3, which leads directly into Buenos Aires.
We now follow Ruta 6 to Luján and Open Door, where we close our circle.
The remaining part is the same as at the beginning: Zárate, Gualeguaychú, where we intend to overnight at one of the filling stations and tomorrow border crossing into Uruguay at Fray Bentos.

At Zárate we cross the huge bridge over Rio Paraná Guazú again.

A nail and a late tyre change…

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